News Studio Control Room at Alpha TV, Athens, with Barco iStudio Monitor Wall

Telmaco SA is one of the most experienced European Solution Providers for the Broadcast and Telecom Industry. Over the years, Telmaco has been involved in the majority of the key projects in Greece and Cyprus, and has gained substantial experience from many cutting-edge technology state-of-the-art installations.

Telmaco has established close business and technological partnerships with many trusted key manufacturers in the industry enabling the company to offer solutions that cover all customer requirements. Important factors in our choice of partners are technical excellence, good support capability, strong R&D, and most important, long-term financial stability.

During the last five years Telmaco has been expanding its operations internationally with completed and ongoing projects for customers in the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.


Telmaco's operation in the Broadcast market started in the early 1980’s, operating as the agent of key manufacturers in the industry. Telmaco decided to invest and provide a Broadcast Systems Integration division in 1989, when commercial television obtained the "go-ahead" in Greece.

The Greek Broadcast Television market, like that of neighboring Italy, rapidly grew to a very large number of private national, regional and local channels together with the upgrading of the existing three State Television channels from SECAM to PAL and thereafter to digital technology.

In the subsequent years Telmaco won and successfully completed numerous Television and Radio Projects and has collaborated with almost all of the major manufacturers in the Broadcast industry.

Telmaco's success is mainly due to its constant investment in high quality personnel and in continuous technical training to retain its position as the Broadcast Technology leader in the market. Our system designers and project engineers are experienced in both traditional "baseband" technology and IT "tapeless" file-based solutions.

RF and Telecomms

The company has been active in the field of telecommunication systems such as RF and Instrumentation since 1975 offering equipment and technology solutions. Today it offers a wide range of solutions for base and access networks, 3G, Microwave, Satellite and Video/Voice over IP.

Telmaco represents a host of manufacturers of TV/Radio transmitters, RF links, modulators & demodulators, power tubes, Digital Terrestrial and Satellite broadcast systems. In the field of RF networks (FM/VHF/UHF/GSM/3G/TETRA) Telmaco offers repeaters, signal splitters, leaky-feeder and all necessary equipment to expand signal coverage in difficult areas (basements, tunnels, etc.), compatible with international standards.

The company’s wide experience in the voice and audio signal transmission, combined with IP networking expertise, enables it to offer comprehensive solutions for voice and video transmission over IP, covering all project stages from design to implementation and support.

Key Broadcast-Telecomm projects

Test equipment

Within the logic of integrated solutions and customer services, since its formation the company has specialized in network control systems and instrumentation.

Telmaco partners with internationally renowned specialized companies in this field, safeguarding and supporting Broadcasters, Government, Service Providers and Communications Infrastructure customers.