Camcorders & Accessories


The camcorder is a vital part of the TV production chain. Over the years the technology has advanced considerably and now camcorders are classed in 3 different categories.

  • Low-cost camcorders for street reporting, breaking news etc.
  • Medium-cost for production of news documentaries and serials
  • High-end camcorders for cinematography and advertising where quality is of high importance

Almost all camcorders now use robust solid-state media for recording and the files on this media can be easily transferred to ingest equipment for fast editing and transmission. The three major factors on final picture quality are the lens quality, the performance of the sensor assembly and the compression format used. Other factors affecting long-term performance are the build-quality, the stability and reliability.

All these factors need to be taken into consideration before deciding on the best camcorder for the job.

For many camcorders there are a wide variety of accessories that Telmaco can supply such as:

  • lenses
  • lens adapters
  • camera supports
  • batteries and chargers
  • carry cases
  • filters
  • lighting
  • audio equipment (microphones, portable mixers, headphones)
  • field monitors and test equipment
  • field prompting equipment

plus specialist accessories such as stabilized supports, night-vision adapters, remote heads, RF and 3G links.