Reliable, Fast, Cost-Effective and Certified!

At Telmaco good quality customer support is our first priority.

Our collaboration does not conclude with just the delivery of a consultative report, a product or an integrated system. We want to ensure the ongoing project success and Telmaco Support is set up for this purpose.

The company has the appropriate expertise to understand the increasing client need for reliable systems with seamless and continuous operation. We provide a wide range of services for both project implementation and support by offering clients the choice of services that meet their specific requirements.

Telmaco continually invests, not only in improving its internal service organization, but also in the necessary training for our technical staff. Our great “plus” is the considerable experience in providing the best technical solutions for many large projects past and present resulting in a wide scope of expertise in all areas of the market.

The technical staff of Telmaco is available to discuss clients’ needs and recommend the appropriate techno-economic solutions as a "package" of services.

More specifically, we provide the following services:

Project implementation and Installation:

  • Pre-project survey including appraisal of legacy systems
  • Strategic planning consultancy
  • Survey of equipment required
  • Installation planning
  • Electronic Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation Preparation and pre-cabling
  • System cabling (video, audio and data communications)
  • Installation of stand-alone equipment
  • Installation of systems
  • Configuration and set-up
  • Commissioning
  • On-air support (hand-holding)
  • User training at the application level, operation and first-line maintenance
  • Training
  • Creation of custom software (for some applications)

Maintenance and Support:

  • Telephone/teleconference support by specialized engineers
  • Equipment servicing by certified engineers in the company’s central service division
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment with scheduled engineers’ visits
  • Remote diagnosis and remote management where provided
  • On site equipment repair
  • On-air technical support
  • Extended warranty
  • Provision of backup equipment
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Spare parts availability
  • Maintenance Contracts (4 levels)

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