IPTV solutions

Since the advent of IPTV in Greece, Telmaco has been actively involved in providing turnkey IPTV solutions for broadcasters and telecom companies.

Namely Telmaco can undertake the following:

  • Design of the best technical solution
  • Planning and Project Implementation
  • Supply of appropriate equipment -
  • Installation of equipment to properly equipped area
  • Commissioning of the system
  • After Sales Technical Support
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance Contract

Telmaco represents Ericsson in Greece - a pioneer in designing and implementing IPTV networks worldwide - and has all the necessary equipment to implement the Headend such a network.

Also Telmaco has cooperation with all major middleware companies to provide integrated management of system subscribers (end users) and VOD, nPVR, DRM, TV programming services

Finally, Telmaco supplies and installs integrated management and control systems for all the necessary equipment.