Chairman's Message

DKPhoto2020From the first day of operations of Telmaco S.A. we aimed to offer top solutions in the field of Audiovisual Equipment and Broadcast Systems.

Studying and knowing the needs of our customers, we can propose complete systems, combining the evolution of technology with optimal amortization and return on investment. Our competitive advantage arises from the fact that we are trusted and closely cooperate with the world’s leading suppliers in equipment, know-how expertise and solutions, whilst our people are continuously updating and training, successfully facing the challenges of international and domestic competition.

The field of broadcasting and audiovisual systems is ever-growing and evolving, to the extent that one can hardly predict the future.

It is our obligation, but also our strategy, to continue with our experience and knowledge to actively participate in this evolution, in order to remain the top choice for any organization that wants to implement a project of extremely high demands.

Dimitri D. Kyriazis
Chairman & Managing Director