Telmaco, using the accumulated knowledge and experience gained from continuing involvement in managing large and complex high-tech projects, successfully responds to the technological challenges of designing and manufacturing custom vehicles in the area of ​​outside broadcast (OB) and telecommunications (including Electronic News Gathering , Satellite News Gathering, C41, Microwave Links, Telecommunications).

An outside broadcast or telecommunications vehicle requires technology and expertise from many different fields in a compact environment, including:

  • Chassis strengthening, suspension and engine modifications
  • Coachbuilding and Internal Racks/Furniture
  • Telecommunication and Satellite systems
  • Electrical and power management, generators and UPS
  • Receiving systems, Video and Audio Production, signal processing and transmission
  • Heating and Cooling systems
  • Cabling Installation

Telmaco offers complete outside broadcast OB Vans, from small flexible 2-3 camera vehicles to full multi-camera production vehicles along with all necessary video / audio equipment, plus ancillary equipment (Communications, Radio / SNG links, etc.) .