Test & Measurement Products

Telmaco has extensive experience in instruments and measurement systems for telecommunications, representing major companies in the field such as Tektronix, Phabrix, DLI, IDEAL Industries, Radiodetection, Unaohm, Solartron, Norecs etc. covering the full range of technologies and networks, Broadcast Video, IP, telephony (mobile and fixed), fiber optic and scientific applications.

Products include handheld instruments such as:

  • PSTN / ISDN testers ADSL, ADSL2 +, SHDSL
  • TDRs
  • LAN testers
  • Optical testers
  • Waveform Monitors and Generators (PAL, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G)

As well as portable equipment:

  • Network analysers
  • Protocol Analysers
  • Network simulators & Load testers
  • IPTV analysers
  • MPEGx analysers
  • TDRs Telecom Cable qualifiers
  • OTDRs OSAs, PMDs, CDs
  • SDH, ATM, DWDMs analysers
  • Field Strength Meters
  • Electrochemistry systems FRAs, high temperature ovens, potentiostat
  • Waveform Monitors and Signal Generators

Telmaco services include direct technical support, instruments available for demonstration and coverage in emergency situations.