New facilities for:
The National Library of Greece (NLG) & The Greek National Opera (GNO)


Dates 2012 – 2016
Location Kalithea, Greece
Contractor Impregilo S.p.A – TERNA S.A. Joint Venture
Telmaco's contract Subcontractor for Audiovisual and Titling systems
Architect RPBW (Renzo Piano Building Workshop)
MEP Engineer Arup, United Kingdom
Theatre Design Consultant Theatre Projects, United Kingdom


Detailed Project Info

Telmaco S.A further to qualification procedure has been selected as Subcontractor and awarded the contracts for the Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Performance Sound, Video and Communications systems for both the Opera and Library buildings and the Titling system for Opera Hall and Performance Hall 2.

Telmaco’s scope of work per phase was:

Design Phase

Production of all the required shop drawings for the implementation of the PSVC and Titling Systems, submittal of recommendation that will enhance the performance of the specified systems.

Design phase was the most demanding and productive period for Telmaco since the nature of the scope of our works requires a close collaboration with all key stake holders of the Project in order to fulfill the Architectural, Engineering and End User’s requirements.

The goal was to meet ARUP’s and Theatre Project’s specified technical and operational requirements, proposing any enhancement based on new technologies and in the same time be in line with the architectural design.

Installation and Integration Phase

Installation and Integration phase was also very demanding in such big and complex projects. Coordination was needed in both ways i.e. internally since most of the systems were functionally interconnected but also with all other interfacing engineering and building works.

Starting from the planning and scheduling of all works related (orders, deliveries on site, constructions prerequisites verifications and availability of the installation teams) and keeping close collaboration with all the interfacing contractors Telmaco achieved the goal which was to deliver all installations in time and in an excellent quality.

Part of installation include 86 Rack installed by Telmaco S.A. (61 fixed & 25 movable), more than 550 Audiovisual boxes with more than 2.000 connectors.

Opera and Performance Hall 2

Audio Visual

The Audio-Visual installation in both Halls include the following:

- Sound Reinforcement system.
The Opera Theatre Features Proscenium d&b audiotechnik Y-Series Line arrays augmented with d&b audiotechnik Array Processing technology to provide exceptional uniformity in frequency response and coverage.
Performance hall 2 follows the same design philosophy as the opera theatre featuring a Left-Center-Right-System based on d&b audiotechnik V7P 3-way point source speakers supported by d&b audiotechnik V-Series Subwoofers

- Sound mixing consoles and audio distribution system.
There are three Stagetec Crescendo Consoles for the Opera Theatre, Performance Hall 2, and the Orchestra recording studio. The Microphone preamps are considered among the best in the world and feature TRUEMATCH technology where four 24-bit AD converters are cascaded to convert the microphone signal directly to digital without loss of resolution and with a dynamic range of up to 158dB. Routing and diagnostics within the network is handled either by the 3 installed Crescendo or via dedicated software.

- Audio show relay system to provide the quality signal source for show relay and for hard-of-hearing systems and backstage feeds.
A high-quality Audio show relay signal is used to drive an induction loop system and an infrared system for the hard of hearing and is also distributed throughout the opera backstage areas, the production intercom system and the internal IPTV system.

- Production Intercom system.
The main intercom Matrix is Clearcom’s Eclipse HX Omega that houses 112 keypanel ports, 2 Freespeak II Wireless intercom controller cards and one IVC-32-HX IP connectivity card. Wired intercom is handled by Clearcom’s Helixnet system that offers up to 12 channels plus program feed on a single cable. Wireless Intercom is Clearcom’s Freespeak II. Finally, the users can use their mobile devices as intercom panels to communicate with the Intercom system using Clearcom’s IC agent app.

- Video Routing & Distribution system.
The video routing and distribution system is based on Riedel’s Mediornet Network in a hybrid Star-ring physical deployment.

- Video show relay system.
The system includes Multi-Format Integrated HD/SD Panasonic Pan-Tilt AW-HE130K Cameras controlled by AW RP120GJ remote controller and a Bosch Dinion IP Bullet 4000 day/night camera.

- Cue light system.
A TCP/IP networked cue light system with control at the Stage Manager’s desks covers the needs of each Hall.

- Assistive Listening system.
A Signet induction-loop system comprised of multi-zone loop areas within the Opera Hall and Performance Hall 2 and a Sennheiser infrared wireless listening system (ALS) have been installed for individuals with hearing impairments and telecoil or non-telecoil hearing aids, and to comply with the pertinent disabilities codes.


The Main Auditorium (Opera Hall) is equipped with an IP-based interactive titling system based on the MODE23 OnStage SW of Marconi Technologies. The titling system’s main function is to deliver multiple-languages subtitling to each and every user through a personal TFT LED screen unit, which has its own static IP address, typically embedded in the seatbacks. All screen units are equipped with special filters, with a double function: increase the contrast (& therefore reduce the background glowing) & limit the horizontal visibility angle (to prevent neighbor users from being disturbed by each other's screen). Every unit can display text and images and it is interactive, so the user can choose his own language, scroll through the menus or eventually decide to turn off the unit if not interested in the service.

In the Performance Hall 2 the Titling system consists of 4 LED screens (a central of approx. 4m wide and 0,51m height) and 3 smaller (of approx. 1,5 wide and 0,25m height) mounted to custom mobile floor stand to cover the needs of the room due to its versatility.


The Audiovisual System in Library building’s rooms includes audio, video and control equipment and subsystems. Each room or each type of room in Library building is designed and equipped for an independent use and operation.
Solutions implemented are based on Matrix Presentation Scaler Switchers based on HDBaseT and Digital Twisted Pair Technology of Extron (DTP). Thus, Complete Extron DTP systems offering 4K resolution support are installed. Audio processing unit, the Biamp Tessira installed provides best class Echo Cancellation and audio processing as also a USB connection to support connection to PC and laptops for Web Conferencing. All rooms are equipped with wall mounted touch panels. A specially designed interface provides simple-to-use video and audio functions. Wall or table connections provide connectivity such as HDMI, VGA/AUDIO & participants have the chance to collaborate with the presenter. All meeting & core learning rooms provide one Barco PFWU-51B Digital projector.
In addition to the above equipment Informal Space which is a multi-functional activities area is equipped with a 10-meter projection screen having two Barco MSWU-81E projectors to blend on it. The Barco E2 presentation system provides eight video inputs and 8 video outputs. The E2 is a video management system which routes the inputs to the one blended image. There are also rooms that are equipped with lectren’s units via which presenters bringing their laptop could give a presentation on the projection screen. These rooms as also the Board Room are equipped with a video conference system consisting of a CISCO SX80 codec & a Panasonic AW‐HE60H camera providing video conference presentation, meeting & distance e-learning to remote side.
Short Projection Room is a special three-sided projection room equipped with 4 Full HD CTHD-61B projectors which allows to the visitors to come within one meter of the projection area without casting a shadow.

Paging system

A general Bosch Praesideo paging system that is Voice Alarm compliant has been installed in both buildings. Paging system is separate from fire or evacuation alarm systems except in emergency. Paging locations are in strategic locations to allow staff to initiate and control pages. Audio from paging station microphones and designated show relay signals are fed to amplifiers driving chains of 100V loudspeakers. While mainly the LC1-UM06E8 Bosch Ceiling loudspeakers are installed there are specific areas where other type of loudspeakers have been provided to cover both the functional and architectural requirements.
In Performance Hall 2 open-ceiling, ported (120-watt transformer) loudspeaker have been installed suspended from lighting bridges Sound tube (HP890i). Also, Sound tube (HP890i) suspended from the ceiling of Opera and Library foyer and LA1-UM40E-1 Bosch on the foyer walls.