ERT, ERTFLIX OTT Project, Greece

Who is ERT

ERT is the national public broadcaster of Greece. It operates with 3 National Free-to-Air Channels, additional free-to-air news and sport channels on their OTT platform, as well as Satellite Channels for the Greeks abroad (Europe, America, Australia). It also operates several music, news and sports radio stations, and one classical and one modern music orchestras. Their OTT platform, ERTFLIX, is a very successful free for Greece territory OTT service with millions of users.

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ERTFLIX OTT Project, 2020-2022

Through various tender process that were done, Telmaco was awarded the project to develop a new ERTFLIX platform that will unite at the Backend & Frontend level, all the new media operations of ERT and with newly developed apps, the new ERTFLIX platform will become available in all the possible devices. The service is available across the world with automated UI/UX rules customized to the content rights policy.


System Description

Telmaco has delivered to ERT the following parts of the ERTFLIX platform.

  • OTT Back-End, based on INSYS GO OTT platform.
  • On Prem VOD Origin Packager from Broadpeak and integration with Backend, ERT storage and various of CDN
  • Live OTT Encoders based on AWS Elemental LIVE and controlled by Elemental Conductor
  • OTT Transcoder for VoD content based on AWS Elemental Server
  • OTT Front End Insys GO Apps for Web browsers, Android mobile, iOS mobile, Huawei mobile, Android TV, LG WEB OS all supported with Chromecast functionality. Integration with HbbTV.



The system was designed and installed on a hybrid environment, where the platform servers are hosted in AWS cloud, while the Headend farm, encoders and the origin packagers are installed on ERT premises.


The philosophy of the architecture designed was to provide to ERT a system which will reorganize the complete New Media operation of ERT delivering the same content to HbbTV and OTT platforms.